Is working from home your preference? 

According to a new study by Totem, ‘older workers are more likely to prefer a hybrid working model than younger people’. 

Half of employees aged 18 to 24-years-old want to return to the office full time, compared to just 29% of over 55s, according to a survey carried out by Totem, who surveyed 1,000 UK-based employees, who started a new job between March 2020 and February 2021, about their onboarding and remote working experiences.

The survey showed 66% of workers aged over 55 would instead prefer to embrace hybrid working.

Almost half of those earning over £45,000 per year want to embrace hybrid working. These numbers increased for those earning more than £125,000 per year, with 54% preferring a hybrid working model rather than full-time in an office (38%).

Those earning below £45,000 were more likely to prefer working full time in an office (48%), with only 42 % citing they would prefer a hybrid working model. As with greater wealth equating to stronger hybrid working preference, those earning below £30,000 per year were even more likely to prefer full time office working (50%).

Our experience of preferences

 This has been a hot topic in many of the workshops we’ve been delivering over the recent weeks and months. Generally speaking the feedback we’ve had reflects the study results in that young people are often working in confined spaces or their bedrooms. The idea of being back in an office is more appealing for many of those young people. In addition, they miss the office connection.

Again, generally speaking, over 30s are often in more comfortable spaces when working from home and the idea of going back to commuting is less appealing. The consensus is usually that their preference would be continuing to work from home or a hybrid of working from home and in the office.  

So, what about you? What is your preference?

What about your colleagues?

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