Our coaching focuses on you and what you want to experience.

Coaching works with how you are relating to what’s happening right now (not what’s happened in the past although that may have influenced how you’re showing up right now)

Coaching encourages you to take action that will help you create and experience the results you want.

You’re your own best expert.

The job of your coach is to create a safe space for you to explore your situation through insightful questions that help you raise your self awareness, challenge your thinking so you can grow and trust your own wisdom.


Everyone benefits from the space to have their thinking challenged and the belief of someone who KNOWS they have the potential in them to make great things happen.

We specialise in working with young people and the people they live and work with, from managers to parents, teachers & community workers.


Most people who want to experience excellence in any aspect of their life hire a coach. Think about athletes, they’ve all got a coach at their side helping to realise their potential.  It’s just the same in ordinary life, so whether you’re fed up feeling fed up or want to optimise your results in your education or work, investing in coaching is invaluable.


This depends on whether you are hiring one of our coaches to work with you (or your child) directly or whether we are working with you within your organisation or a funded programme.

Coaching works best when you have a few sessions as there is lots to learn from the progress you make in between your appointments.

Sessions vary from 45 – 60 minutes and can be in person or online through videoconferencing or telephone.

Your session is a safe space where you share what you want to achieve & experience with your coach, and your coach is there to help you explore this, supporting you to find the solutions and resources that will optimise your progress, wellbeing & fulfilment.


We offer 2 packages of coaching sessions you can purchase privately below.

Alternatively, if you are part of an organisation, you can hire us to work with specific members of your team/customer base. Get in touch to find out more.

Coaching is sometimes available through the programmes we run in schools or youth/family organisations. Ask your school or organisation if they use us and how  you can access that service.


1. The coachee completes our online matching form. All our coaches will have completed a similar questionnaire in order to create a great match
2. We then have a free initial consultation call to understand the coachee’s objectives, what they want from coaching and answer any questions the coachee may have
3. Based on the questionnaire and conversation, we match the coachee to the right coach
4. We introduce the coachee and client and their partnership begins
5. We will send the coachee a short evaluation questionnaire for them to share feedback on their coaching experience

We use a number of variable to create the right coaching match. These include:

  • Coachee preferences e.g. gender, age range
  • Coachee profile e.g. parent/carer, young person, manager of young person
  • Coachee’s challenge(s) and objective(s)
  • Coach specialities
  • Coaching approach e.g. supporting, challenging, accountability
  • Face-to-face, online, phone or a combination

We have a pool of coaches from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and coaching companies. Our coaches have all been independently assessed and are appropriately qualified whether that be in relation to life or workplace coaching. They all share a common passion for supporting young people and adults to understand and step into their amazing potential.

We firmly believe that one size does not fit all so the connection between coach and coachee is vitally important. That’s why our matching process works so well.

You will know you’ve found the right coaching match if:

  • You feel confident that your coach has the experience and the skills to help you reach your goals
  • You feel your coach really “gets” where you are at and where you want to go
  • You feel “listened to” when you speak
  • You are motivated and energised
  • You feel respected and appreciated for who you are
  • You trust that your coach can support you when you stretch out of your comfort zone
  • You are seeing challenges or opportunities from new and different perspectives


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