We want to create bright futures for young people, families, organisations and communities as a whole. 

Drawing on lessons from neuroscience, we educate both young people and the adults in their lives to understand the adolescent brain and recognise the ‘why’ behind common patterns of behaviour. 

Through education, facilitation and using coaching and therapeutic approaches, we support young people and the adults in their lives to understand each other better, meaningfully communicate and enhance their wellbeing.


Families who play together, stay connected together.


Life coaching for young people and adults. 


Tapping into the potential of your organisation.

We’re a social enterprise

Potential in Me CIC is a social enterprise Community Interest Company (CIC). This means any profit that is left after paying our costs is reinvested into enhancing our social impact. Some of our programmes are kindly funded and free to access, while most are paid for like any other business.  When you invest in us, you’re investing not just in the immediate result you seek, but contributing to us being able to support more people in our communities.

We were founded in 2015 and have  intentionally grown organically. We are now in a growth stage and are excited about delivering more programmes in more places!

Our customers 

Our customers and partnerships have helped us to make great things happen and enable us to create even more positive social impact

Our Funders 

We have been able to deliver a number of families programmes free of charge to communities within Glasgow thanks to funders including the National Lottery Community Fund, Foundation Scotland and Glasgow City Council.  We have also benefited from the support of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Firstport, CEIS, Just Enterprise and many other organisations who support social enterprise. Our aim is to become fully self sustaining through trading, with a portion of each programme purchased going towards funding one of our community families programmes. That’s why we are very grateful to all the organisations who purchase our services.

We would love to talk to you about the work we do and how we can support you. 

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