We are delighted to announce that Potential In Me are Federation of Small Businesses ‘Community Awards’ finalists!

The final is on the 8th March so we will be keeping our fingers crossed!

We feel the award recognises the significant impact we are having on communities supporting children, young people and the adults who live or work with them.

Our joined up approach of not only supporting children and young people, but also the adults means that we are helping to ensure that no matter what setting a child or young person is in they feel supported to be the best they can be. That means supporting and equipping the adults to be their best as well whether you are a parent/carer, youth worker or manager of young people in organisations.

We have been working with some of the most vulnerable families in what is regarded as highly deprived areas with extremely positive outcomes and feedback. Their wellbeing is being enhanced, they are overcoming social isolation and they have hope for a better future.

In organisations, we are supporting the young workforce to transition into working life through developing key people skills and relationship building. We help managers to understand their young people better and create high performing multi-generational teams that work effectively together.

WIsh us luck!