Logically as adults we’re no longer influenced by our parents yet emotionally we are.

Which is why it’s important for parents to create time to consciously reflect on what they want for themselves AND their children….no matter their age, it’s never to late to be the parent and person you want to be.

I’m not talking ‘just’ achievement here but think about how do you want to FEEL too. What’s life experience do you want to have? What about your kids?

Now is the next crucial point: FIND OUT WHAT YOUR CHILD WANTS TOO.

Tip; Have these conversions without framing it around your own hopes and dreams for them as that skews the conversation, because your child wants to please you and will dull their own imagination to fit in with yours.

So create space and just BE with them and LISTEN with no agenda other than discovering more about the human before you.

It’s all to easy to replicate the same emotional cycles through generations all because no one stopped and lifted their head up to question whats REALLY important to them and why.

Keep conversations going, keep them open and agenda free. Yes as a parent of a child, you’re the boss for now, but don’t lose sight that you’re also 2 humans both wanting to feel love and connected….

When we feel secure and loved we are in a resourceful state making it far easier to achieve all the amazing things you want.

What a bonus that is!