New Years Resolutions, Do we Love them, or Do we Loathe them? 

So its January and we are back at School, back at work, we have feasted and celebrated and lost count of the days.

We have surpassed the twilight zone of the in-between period (those days we don’t know times, dates or what we are supposed to do with ourselves) and brought in the New Year.


That’s when it starts

“New Year, New Me”

How often do we say it?

Whether its New Diet, New Exercise regime.


Have you made any this year?


Why do we put ourselves under pressure to be a NEW someone? Have you ever wondered where the tradition started?


Well attached is an article from, have a read at the fascination we have with making New Years Resolutions. I was fascinated by the origins and how long we have been repeating this tradition.


The History of New Year’s Resolutions | HISTORY


So I think its safe to say that the prolonged impact of the pandemic has changed not only how we celebrate but also how we feel about the festive periods.

Our priorities have shifted in how to enjoy the time with the people we love more now than perhaps we did pre-pandemic.


Certainly in my household there was a significant reduction in “stuff” but uptake in “doing”

(Not so much a decrease in spending, think its expensive no matter what we do)

But we spent more time doing activities, going places and having more family days, which was great if not a little stressful (4 teens n tweens will do that to you)

In reflection of this, I have noticed that I as a parent have really struggled with that transition though. The need to look like there is more stuff can cause so much pressure and guilt at Christmas. I recognise the need for balance and the letting go of the idea that because  they are no longer into “toys” doesn’t mean they are too grown up for the magic of Christmas.


I wonder what your thoughts are on the transition from the buying of toys to what we tend to buy them as they grow? How does it feel for you?


So New Years Resolutions, have you made any? Have you stuck to them?


I think this year has felt a little different. With the emotional labour of the pandemic over the last two years, the collective grief we have all underwent, I feel we have recognised that this year is the year of less pressure and more balance and peace.


Resolutions are almost always about what we feel we should be doing, based on what we are told is a proper way to be living. So always based on other peoples perception of what is the correct way to live.

Resolutions are hardly ever about us feeling what we individually need and want.

So when we consider the psychological process we tell our brain that our resolution is something we should be doing but our brain says No we dong want to do that. Therefore we rebel against it, always struggling to stick to the resolution we make.

Then starts the guilt cycle of “Why cant I stick to something that is good for me?”


So my question to you is was it good for you, or was it someone else’s idea of what is good for you?


Is this the year that we use to Not be a “better version of ourselves” but perhaps “more of ourselves”


Trusting in ourselves and being more authentic to how we want to live our lives creates that space for being more balanced. When we do more of what we enjoy doing and not “should be” doing we feel more in alignment.


So is 2022 the year of affirmation on who you are and living up to that instead?


Let us know your thoughts and Happy New year from all of us here at Potential In Me.