Meet Scott…


He’s on a mission to positively influence the lives of 10 million young people throughout the world. 


And everyone here at Potential in Me is helping to make that happen!  

We believe in the importance of having a joined up approach to supporting our young people. That's why we not only work with young people directly, we also work with the adults in their lives including parents, caregivers, youth professionals and managers of young people.


Through coaching young people, their families and the people who work and support them, we are helping create a kinder, more connected world. 

Creating Bright Futures

We are dedicated to shining a light on the potential in people, with a focus on lighting the way for our youth.

Lead with love & Kindness

We come from a place of love and kindness, inclusive of all.

Zone of genius

We look for and leverage the best in all of us.


get curious

We seek first to understand and then be understood.


We are contributing to something bigger than us and support others in doing the same.