‘This was the best course I’ve been on by far…and I’ve been on quite a few’

Parent & Headteacher

I now go on ‘dinner dates’ with my son. We had lost our way as we have been juggling busy lives.

Parent & Teacher

I love the happiness tree! It’s agreat way to find out what’s going on with my son without asking him 20 questions and getting nowhere.

Parent of child with autism

I don’t feel as stressed now that I understsnd what’s happening with their brains. I’m definitely communicating more effectively, making sure I’m in green zone first and it’s making a big difference. 

Parent of high maintenance kids 😉

You’re not alone!

Living with and loving our kids during adolescence can be tough.

So it’s good to know that our Coaching Approach course will make it easier.

There’s a lot of focus on supporting our kids in their early years, and rightly so as they really are their formative years….yet adolescence is an equally crucial time in terms of development and it’s often at this stage we (parents & carers) are left to get on with it.

And it’s tough!! Even when we’re blessed with ‘good kids’, just living together and managing competing priorities presents its’ challenges.

Adolescence is a long stage of life starting at around age 8 and ending between 25 & 30 years old.


Does this sound like your child?

They look at you like you have horns in your head (and/or have absolutely no intelligence…it’s beautiful combo, right?)

Stay in their rooms more

Want to spend more time with friends (on & offline) than you

Have mood swings that have no rhyme nor reason

Stay up late (or desparately want to!)

Sleep in

Forget the most basic of things

Have little sense of the consequences of their actions.


Does this feel like you?

You feel REALLY bored by the sound of your own voice

You’re fed up being called a nag!

You miss the closeness you used to have with them

You’re worried about the choices they’re making

You feel a bit alone at times



We created the Coaching Approach for Parents series because we found the core skills from our coach training have been invaluable to us as parents & carers.  In our own professional practice we’ve worked with many parents & young people and have seen the amazing impact pressing pause and getting curious can make to the quality of our relationships.

And that’s what we want for you too, so we’re bringing CaP to you as an opportunity for you is here  to press pause too and reflect on how you’d like to move forward to enhance the relationships you have with your kids.



    The Coaching Approach for Parents & Carers course is not a parenting course. Triple P for Teens will give you lots of information & tips, our course is for you to focus on you (and we’ll offer information & suggestions as and when appropriate)

    It’s a course that deepens your communication skills and enhances your awareness of what is going on for you and your child throughout their adolescence.

    The skills and knowledge you learn will benefit your family and also other relationships in your personal and professional life.

    We deliver this course in a number of schools as part of their family learning and parental engagement strategy, with great reviews however a number of parents have been unable to attend due to timings.  Equally, some parents said they felt self conscious being open in front of other parents who knew them, hence us not bringing these course directly to you so YOU get to choose how to access this support.




      The Coaching Approach (for parents & carers) course is for everyone who has an adolescent in their lives.

      Don’t wait until you’ve got a challenge (although it’s ok if you’re already there!), press pause and get curious.

      Have better conversations.

      Connect more.

      Stress Less.

      Join us!

      Not sure this is for you?  We offer private and personal life coaching for you and your family, as well as our amazing connected families course.

      If you would prefer to have a chat before purchasing your coaching package just get in touch!

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