Scott is an experienced coach and workshop facilitator with over 17 years experience of coaching young people and adults. Scott has a passion for helping teenagers and young adults and set up the social enterprise, Potential In Me, in 2015 to provide a range of coaching and workshops that would help young people to understand, appreciate and step into their amazing potential. Scott’s bigger mission is to positively impact 10M young people worldwide either directly or indirectly. Nothing like aiming high!  See Scott’s video if you want to find out more about his motivation for creating Potential In Me. 




Lisa is a certified coach and trainer with over 25 years’ experience in international business, from large internationals to running her own businesses.  Over the past several years she has merged this with coach training and works with business and educational organisations virtually and in-person. She helps groups and individuals learn how to align and balance themselves, resulting in less stress, greater resilience and overall better relational, personal and work outcomes. She has a passion for helping young people learn to self-resource as they are particularly sensitive to external stressors. Lisa has an MA in Applied Coaching and is an mBraining certificated coach and trainer (a Neuroscience-based coaching methodology).



Dr David Heath



David is an award winning entrepreneur, scientist and engineer with a passion to harness the power of Education and Technology with a mission To Envision, To Empower and To Equip people to reach their potential in health, wellness, business and life. 

After learning of the passion and impact that Potential in Me provides in creating sustainable change through transforming the lives of young people and the adults in their lives, both in the workplace and in society; David just had to get involved and ensure this opportunity was made available to as many young people possible, as quickly as possible. 

If you share our passion, join us, to support young people and the adults in their lives to understand each other better, meaningfully communicate, build resilience and ultimately create brighter futures for our young people, our families, our organisations and our communities!



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Would you like to be one of our associates?

Associates work freelance for us delivering coaching and/or facilitating our workshops.

If you like the sound of what we do and would like to work with us on an associate basis then do drop Scott an email with your CV: scott@potentialin.me

Would you like offer support on our board?

If you share the same passion for creating bright futures for young people (and us all!) and have a few hours each month you are willing to share to help us achieve our vision then please get in touch.  Email: scott@potentialin.me

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