Your organisation is committed to developing its young workforce and you’re keen to leverage the potential in your staff of all ages. Your managers are tasked with leading young people and that can sometimes be challenging. You want the young people you’ve recruited to sustain their job, contribute to the organisation and be their best. You want managers to understand young people at a deeper level and be equipped to successfully integrate them into their team and build effective and high performing teams. That’s where we come in. 


You are a leader committed to your development and supporting your young people to successfully integrate into your team, department and the organisation as a whole. Our Integrate your Young Workforce programmes supports you to understand your young people at a deeper level ; draw on your own experiences  ; support the challenges your young people might experience ; motivate your young people  ; create multi-generational teams. It can also be combined with individual and group coaching.

Organisations training


Combining soft skills development workshops (or ‘human skills’ as we like to call them) and coaching we work with you as we support your young people to optimise their training and understand how to successfully navigate their transition into employment. Our programmes are tailored to the skills, knowledge and experience of your young people so that they are always pitched at the right level.


Action Learning is a highly effective method of experiential learning that boosts performance, collaborative working and communication skills.

In these Action Learning Sets managers are supported to explore current challenges leading their young staff through coaching skill development.

Facilitated by professional coaches who weave relevant teaching moments throughout each set, so your managers raise their awareness of how teenage brain development and various other factors can impact on behaviour. And most importantly, what to do about it.


We also offer a range of workshops and coaching to suit the needs of your staff. These include:

Compassionate Leadership – Leading in Uncertain Times

How can you help your organisation and workforce thrive and be sustainable when you’re not sure what’s around the corner? What’s the best way of motivating, communicating with, engaging and empowering staff who want to stay and have an impact? Compassionate leadership.

Organisations that understand people are their key asset, and need to be treated as such, are better able to perform – especially in difficult times. With the additional challenges of hybrid working, talent attraction and retention and environmental sustainability challenges, it is more important than ever to harness our collective strength, diversity and wisdom.

In this evidence-based and interactive course, we will explore the what, why and how the benefits of compassionate leadership can be gained. You’ll learn about the science of compassion, the benefits to yourself, your staff and the organisation.

Coaching Approach for Managers

In this interactive course we support managers to develop a deeper understanding of young people and develop core coaching skills that will enhance your conversations. One of the biggest challenges for busy managers is obstacles getting in the way of you coaching your people. We will explore what those challenges are for you and how you can overcome them.

Working Well: Supporting the wellbeing of your young people

We know from research that many young people are experiencing mental health challenges. Now more than ever, they need support to understand and manage their wellbeing. This programme combines wellbeing workshops and coaching to support both young people and managers.   

Digital Wellbeing

Times have changed and we now live in a digital world. For many of us, that means we are spending more time online than ever before. But what does that mean for our wellbeing? And we’re not just talking about our young people, it affects the adults as well.

Our Digital Wellbeing course will support you to understand our digital habits, understand the impact of them and explore strategies and techniques to manage your wellbeing in a digital world.

Employability Support

We offer practical advice and guidance around career planning. That includes navigating your career path, CV writing, applications, cover letters, interviews, networking and how to use LinkedIn effectively.  



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