Connected Families is one of our courses in our Families Programme, for families who want to stress less and connect more.

As our kids get older it’s natural they want to connect more with their friends and less with their grown ups.  And we adults ride the waves of emotion that come from enjoying watching them develop yet missing feeling as needed or even existing!

Once upon a time you were sure they liked you…and you love those days to come back!


We’d love to give you a magic wand

But we can’t.

What we CAN offer you though is the opportunity to bring all your family for some playful personal development.

Connected Families is a fun filled 6 week course aimed at families with children aged 8 plus where experienced life coaches & facilitators encourage you to play some games with a twist.

During the course the focus is on connection and discovery.

What hidden treasure will you discover in yourself and your family? 

Where are Connected Families Courses running?


Some schools have brought the programme in and offer it as an after school/holiday activity to encourage family learning. Ask in your school if they have a course booked and if they don’t just give them our details or get in touch with us and we’ll contact them.

Occasionally we receive funding to deliver it in communities for identified groups.

And anyone can access our public courses that run at different times throughout the year in and around Glasgow.

We keep you posted what’s up and coming in our newsletter.