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About Coaching

Coaching offers the young person the time and space to reflect on themselves and their lives without judgement. We help the young person to open up and consider the best way forward for them. We challenge and support them to recognise the potential they have within themselves and start taking positive steps forward towards fulfilling it.

Coaching sessions can be either 1-to-1 or as a group.


Coaching for teenagers is really useful to help your young person to reflect and start getting clear on what THEY really want to make happen in their life and future career.  All too often our young people are bombarded with messages and information about what other people think they ‘should’ do and what would be beneficial for them, yet little time is ever created for that person to let that information settle and trust themselves.  Our coaches are impartial people who will hold the space for your young person to get to know themselves, challenge their thinking and help them join dots so they can figure out the implications of potential choices…and make well informed decisions that support them.

Coaching is a supportive way to successfully manage change.

For example:

  • Preparing for exams: managing expectations and creating study plans that work for the individual rather than off the shelf blueprints.
  • Dealing with the outcome of exams and deciding on next steps
  • Deciding on post school/college/university next steps
  • Managing stressful events from bullying, family upheavals to changing or leaving school.
  • Feeling stuck in a rut and wanting out of it


We get it, being a parent or carer can be tough. It’s easy for your own needs to slip down to the very bottom and to end up running on empty.  It’s challenging when the child you have loved for so long starts backing away from you and morphs into what seems sometimes like an unknown creature…one you’re not sure you like very much! That love hasn’t faded but adolescence is a confusing time for the whole family.

Coaching can help you create the space to prioritise yourself and get clear on the kind of parent and person you really want to be moving forward.  It can help give you breathing space to let your thoughts settle and improve how you relate to you children.  And it can provide space for you to get your own life back on track so being there for your kids is a lot easier.  We ALL need help sometimes after all.


Family coaching is where an experienced coach comes to your home or agreed location and helps your family as a whole to set some goals that will support you all.







“It was a great session and highly engaging. I feel a greater sense of motivation and passion after today and believe I will take this learning with me in the future” ~ Young Person

“Scott provided 6 coaching sessions for my daughter who was struggling with confidence, friendships, managing her emotions and coping with tests/exams. You could see a positive change in my daughter after each session – she is now far more confident, has developed great friendships, is relaxed and focused when studying and is achieving excellent marks. I was sceptical about coaching initially if I’m being honest, but Scott has proved that it can achieve amazing results” ~ Parent[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]