Bigger Youth Conversations

Bigger Youth Conversations

We provide packages to support youth in context

For Youth

If we want to help create a more inclusive, understanding and caring society, we need to inspire and embed those values in young people. We support young people in understanding the challenges and potential barriers they face in their local communities, and support them in becoming change agents working together to tackle those challenges. We will support them in seeing the best in themselves and celebrate being a young person in today’s society. 

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parent and child

For Adults

It can often be a challenge for youth workers, parents, guardians or carers who are trying to support young people. We want to support them in understanding young people better and enhance their conversations so they can work together to build better relationships. 


Working together with young people and the adults, we want to create a space and be a contact point for conversations, ideas, inspiration and celebrations around young people and their place in a world we all live in. As part of that we are keen to explore attitudes towards young people in modern day society with the intention of exploring beliefs, perceptions and in some cases misconceptions. Ultimately, with the intention of celebrating all that is positive about being young and reappraising the route we have taken to what it means being a young person in today’s world.